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May 1, 2018

I thank you for returning my call today I would appreciate the download to be able to share your film. The film is amazing and has opened my eyes to how much more work I need to do in order to protect and advocate for our citizen's with disabilities. 

Jo Ann Smith
The Arc of Adams County


Dear Tom and Nora -

Thank you for introducing yourselves and for kindly sharing this wonderful and informative film.  Hard to imagine how many people must respond with, "I had no idea", after viewing your excellent film.  Well, I too had no idea.

Not sure how a local City Council can influence the course of this important subject, but whether or not I'm elected this topic will remain indelibly with me.

Sincere thanks for bringing this important and touching social issue to my attention.  The incredible work you've devoted to this deserving field is admirable, for lack of better words.

Hopefully our paths will cross again, soon.


Bob Mueller
City Council Candidate
Rancho Mirage, California


Pursuit of Justice is a touching, eye-opening film about civil rights in the U.S. All around us, people are having those basic rights stripped from them because our leaders often assume that a person having a disability means that a person also has an inability to make choices. Not making that distinction can, and does, result in people not being allowed to vote, or in being removed from their own families. It’s truly shocking that this is happening, and since any of us can become disabled, it means that we are all vulnerable. In fact, this almost happened to my father, and it could have been disastrous for us. It is heart-warming, however, to see what an amazing job Mr. Coleman and Dr. Baladerian are doing in developing standards and advocating for the rights of people with disabilities.

Henry J. Ortiz, Psy.D.


I am located in a city 12 miles south of Philadelphia.  I saw the Pursuit of Justice, good job.  Thank you for all your efforts and the hours your have provided to this subject.  If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.  I have lost my mother, the family estate and everything I have ever worked for all due to abuse of Guardianship which was unwarranted.  They just get up on the stand and lie.  I have filed a 42 USC Section 1983 action in District Court for Eastern Pennsylvania.  I am working on a RICO action but it is very complex and difficult.  Thank you again.



Hi Nora and Tom!

I just had a chance to sit down and REALLY watch your video and I have to tell you it left me speechless, sad, mad, hopeful and SOOOO MUCH MORE! You guys are incredible. I am more than inspired by this and by your dedication.

Hugs to both of you,

Teresa Anderson
The Arc of California


I have now had the opportunity to watch this fantastic film in full!  Wow. Wow. Wow.  I am so proud of Tom and Nora and all those involved.  I am trying to forward to all I know .  God bless all of you for your work. 

This film needs to go far.  Perhaps getting it into local venues across the country. 

Lori Brown


THINK+change/The Arc of Aurora is proud to sponsor this important film in support of the pursuit of justice for people with disabilities. #awesome

Jean Solis
THINK+change Manager
The Arc of Aurora and THINK+change



Dear Tom,

Finally had some time to focus on your film.  Congratulations! What a story you and Nora - and all the others - have to tell.  Your dedication, commitment, perseverance, passion and love shine forth brightly.  What an inspiration.  Progress and more to do.  It is heartbreaking to hear the stories of those who have had their rights taken away from them by a system that is not working.  I know you are making a difference.  What a blessing.

Love and gratitude,



As soon I've heard about the video, I was quick to share it to the World. I wish I could of somehow be more involved with this. It's just been an amazing journey and the task I've seen you and Thomas go through and still going through has just been very aspiring. I wish all of us the best to see this through and have people beware of the injustice our friends and family has to go through. You're all in my thoughts and close to my heart.

Roberto Calderon


I just finished watching this.  Free will and choice is the number 1 value of my 4 point personal value system (loving kindness, inclusion, communication being the others) so this had quite an impact on me:

1. I have not had to deal with guardianship directly but I was a rehab counselor for several years working with clients in a sheltered workshop many of whom were developmentally disabled, and of course I had to deal with elder care issues within my family. 

2. I never knew that someone's rights could be so infringed upon to include being removed from a guardian situation.

3. That in Michael's case his rights could be infringed upon and he is well spoken and thoughtful. 

Pretty scary and pretty backwards. So many kudos to you and team for your pursuits which ultimately impact all of us.

I think this is a good film and very much needed as a public service for those who are currently in a negative situation and for those of us who may encounter a similar situation in the future and God forbid please!

I am glad that you all are advocating for solutions.  There are solutions to all of this if only we would be willing to be hear. 

So in summary based upon what I see in this film: this country has issues in conservatorship that include:

  • a lack of knowledge of the ADA by practitioners involved in guardianship processes including attorneys and professionals providing conservatorships
  • a lot of lack of understanding of ADA application of rights for people with disabilities, seniors and elders
  • A lack of communication or desire to communicate the rights of people with disabilities
  • a lack of thinking positively of possibilities
  • A need to establish criteria, consistency and best practices across all states
  • a need to inform and educate all people about ADA rights
  • a need to establish a monitoring system - I keep thinking about a centralized nationwide system

I also see a need to provide education and support to family members and others who have the responsibility for those impacted.  

New York


Dearest Nora

I just finished watching the Pursuit of Justice!

I am so proud of you and Tom — and Michael Liguori and everyone in the film.  I loved it and think we need to find a way to get everyone to absorb this, to see it, to fight for the rights of all these people..

This film was so filled with dedication and compassion and — oh, what I admire most about you — sweet loving determined  resolve to improve things.  This is part of who you are — and part of why I care so much about you.   And now I see why you love Tom so much too.

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

(John Drimmer, Ph.D.)


Dear Nora and Tom,

My name is Yolanda Bell and your organization is desperately needed in Northern Virginia.  Edith and Eddie were just the tip of the iceberg as far as adult guardianship abuse in our area. . .

The Commonwealth of Virginia is as I type is trying to pass a law that gives hospitals legal authority to deny or withdraw care "they" deem is inappropriate or unethical.  The bill (SB222 and HB226) . . . states families will be given 14 days to find another doctor or hospital willing to take the patient.  If after 14 days they have not been moved the hospital may legally withdraw all care including life sustaining care and treatment they were presently providing.  This law will disproportionately affect the disabled, the elderly, and those on Medicare and Medicaid.  I have attempted to argue against it but am only one person.

So you can see you are desperately needed here.

Yolanda Bell


Mazel Tov!!!  I'm forwarding it and have posted on FB!  I'm so proud of you, Nora and Greg, and humbled to have been a part of it.  

I'll never forget sitting in that conference room, watching DRLC and others completely dismissing you and the issue, and writing you the note with the DOJ contact info to file the complaint.  

Thanks for bringing me along for the ride.  You are both heroes to our community, but especially to me!




Bravo!  And many thanks for creating and offering this wonderful resource to the world.  It has been needed for a long time.  Your approach to these issues is accessible, informative and entertaining--not an easy combination to pull off.  Well done.

Nyla McCarthy
Executive Director, Catalysts for Change







Dear Tom and Film Contributors,


Well done, I would like to present this film to the young people with disabilities at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, and to my local Senior Centers in my workshop plans this Spring.

I am wondering about people who do not have the ability to sit long periods, or concentrate long periods, and would like to adapt a power point, so that I can break up the viewing into digestible segments. Have you considered this or would you be able to make such an accommodation in the future?

I have short blocks of time to work on projects and am looking to find those projects, I'll bet you have some ideas or resources, and would love your input. I am willing to travel.

Thank you so much for your dedicated hard work.

Happy New Year, I can see a brighter future here.

Christine Cooper

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